What is a Scientific Method?
The starting point of all science experiments is a scientific method. It consists of the collection of data through observation and experimentation, and the formulation and testing of hypotheses. It was made famous by an Italian scientist. His name was Galileo.

All science experiments at liverpoolsciencefestival.com follow the very generic scientific method below.

Overview (Hypothesis)
A brief overview describes what the science experiment is about. This section also provides some key statistics about the science experiment (i.e. how many students have started this project, how many students have rated the experiment, and what is the average rating.)

Procedure (Instructions)
This section lists all the materials that you need to do the science experiment and also describes what you need to do in order to perform the science experiment.

In this section you first describe in your own words what you observe while performing the experiment. Then you get to read the official observation from the author of the science experiment.

In this section you first explain in your own words why you think the things happen that you just observed. Then you get to read the official explanation from the author of the science experiment.

And finally you can rate the science experiment. You pick a number between 1 and 5 where 1 means ‘poor’ and a 5 means ‘great’. Besides that you also receive a official certificate for doing the experiment that you can print for your records and you can upload a picture that you took of the experiment and share it with the other students at liverpoolsciencefestival.com.